What Is A Typical Summer Day Like in Taiwan? 台灣高山的夏日

Summer is the cruelest time. 

After the Plum Rain season, ie. June onwards, until September, is Taiwan’s summer.

A scourging 35+ Degrees Celsius day is getting more frequent, thanks to climate change.

The humidity is evaporated into the sky, forming thunder clouds, and finally bring sudden rain into hills and cities. The rain is usually heavy and fast, ending in 2-3 hours, and usually by dinner time.

We literally call this “Afternoon Temporary Rain with Thunders.” (午後雷陣雨)

Our B&B is located at around 2000 meters of altitude, meaning that this phenomenon usually happens under our foothill. The sudden rain stops in lower-altitude mountains, and its humidity causes another phenomenon. A spectacular one— Sea of Clouds. Or with luck, a huge rainbow standing between mountain ridges.

Today and yesterday, the glory of sunset reflected on these clouds. The sky became flaming but also misty, meanwhile clouds were roaming under us.

We share these beautiful moments with you, and wish our friends all the best.




這就是我們今天、昨天傍晚拍攝到的景象。在此分享給遠方的朋友— 願你們一切心寬、吉祥