Taking Bus to Hehuan Mountain from the Cotswolds Villa 從珂之幄搭車遊合歡山

Introduction 簡介 

The Cotswolds Villa, a bed & breakfast owned by my family in the mountains of central Taiwan, is located at 10.8K on Taiwan National Route 14 - Jia (台14甲). We are by the main street, accessible by bus, and convenient for visitors to commute from/to/through Hehuan Mountain (合歡山).

Taiwan National Route 14 - Jia (台14甲)

The Route 14 - Jia is the route that cuts across Taiwan's Central Mountains, connecting the western part with the eastern. This route was built by veterans of the Nationalist Army (aka. KMT 國民黨) back in 1940s to 1960s. It goes through Wuling (武嶺), the highest elevation of Taiwan's national road system, and Taroko National Park (太魯閣國家公園), where visitors can spend days exploring its trails and gorge. The Route 14 - Jia continues and ends in Hualien City (花蓮市), while covering the ecosystem at the altitude from 700M to 3300M.

Easiest Gateway to Nature All Year Round 一年四季適合遊覽

Since most part of the route and Hehuan Mountain only cover in snow during February to March, it is a perfect spot for visitors all year round. It is also a famous route for cyclists and runners to challenge their perseverance and stamina, especially for those who start from the east (Hualien) to the west (Wuling). With a 40-minute drive, travellers will have the accesses to various trails in Hehuan Mountain, scaling from easy (30-minute round-trip) to medium-difficult (8+hour round-trip).

Travel to Hehuan Mountain by Bus 搭公車遊合歡山

Nantou Bus Company (南投客運公司) operates daily services from Cingjing Guest House (清境國民賓館) to Hehuan Mountain, while stopping along Route 14 - Jia. The fare is around TWD$74/one-way. The departure times are: 0830, 1100, 1420. The returning times are: 0945, 1215, 1530.

The final stop is at Songshuei Lodge (松雪樓), where there are a visitor center and small cafe nearby. If you are not sure which hiking trail to take, please visit the visitor centre first, to get the information and help you need. Songshuei Lodge is also a government-owned BOT hiker's lodge famous for the popularity and difficulty to book.
南投客運公司每日營運開往合歡山松雪樓的公車。起點是清境國民賓館,途經多點,從我們家上車車資約台幣$74/單程。從國民賓館的出發時間是:0830, 1100, 1420;返程時間:0945, 1215, 1530。終點站是松雪樓,鄰近就有咖啡廳與遊客服務中心。登山客可以在此取得登山路線與交通資訊。

Book Your Seat 預約方式

To get on at the nearest bus stop (just 20M away from us), Naruwan (那魯灣), our guests must call them a day before, by noon, to make a reservation. The contact is:
+886 (0)49-2984031 #32 (0800-1200 & 1330-1730, M-F). 

We are glad to help our guests to call if there is a language barrier or other needs.

Nantou Bus's schedule and info for this route: http://www.ntbus.com.tw/cj-m.html
Nantou Bus's day-tour reservation info: http://www.ntbus.com.tw/bs-main.html
要從離我們民宿最近的站牌 - 那魯灣 - 上車,旅客必須在「前一天的中午前」致電南投客運預約。預約電話:+886 (0)49-2984031 分機32 (週一到週五 0800-1200 &1330-1730)。如我們的貴賓,有語言障礙或者其他需求,希望我們協助預約,請不吝告知。

Package Tours 套裝行程

If you need your visits to Hehuan Moutain arranged, or just want to be there for star-gazing and sunrise, we do offer package tours. Half-Day tour at TWD$700/per person, and Star-Gazing + Sunrise Tour at TWD$400/per person. The rates and times may vary during seasonality. If you are interested, please ask and register at our front desk.